(Sponsor: Booz Allen Hamilton)

In 2007, Rebuilding Together Mohawk Valley found a family truly in need of assistance. An elderly couple, married for more than 50 years, had dreamed of renovating their home once they had raised their seven children. But when the wife was diagnosed with cancer and the couple’s savings needed to be used for medical expenses, that dream seemed to disappear. Through the generosity of Booz Allen Hamilton and the many volunteers from RTMV and the community, though, the house – and the people who made it a home – found new hope.

Over 17 hours, a number of renovations were completed at the Rome, NY home. In the kitchen, a new laminate floor was installed as well as a new sink, countertops, and cabinets. The walls and ceiling received a fresh coat of paint, and a new ceiling fan and stove vent were also installed. New draperies in the windows added a finishing touch to the room. Additionally, the dining room of the home received a new drop ceiling and light fixture as well as new draperies, and the entire room was professionally cleaned.

The living room was a more involved undertaking, as the entire room required gutting and rewiring. The room then was fully insulated and new sheetrock was hung. A new door, trim, drop ceiling, and light fixture were also installed, new draperies were hung, and a donated sofa was brought in.

In addition, volunteers also completely gutted the bathroom and installed new walls, ceiling, and flooring. A more accessible showering unit replaced the old, claw-foot tub, and a new sink was installed.