One of the ways you can support Rebuilding Together is through the donation of materials. If you have any of the items below, we’ll find a way to put it to good use.

To ensure that Rebuilding Together is able to make good use of your donation of building materials or other items, we have included the following criteria for donations:

APPLIANCES: We accept appliances not older than five years that are clean and in good working order. Appliances accepted include stoves and ranges, microwaves, dishwashers, refrigerators, washers and dryers. We do not take trash compactors, wine chillers or similar specialty products, or used vent hoods.

DOORS: We accept doors if they are in GOOD condition.

CABINETS-COUNTERTOPS: We will take NEW OR GENTLY USED cabinets only in complete units (must have doors, shelving, etc.). We accept new countertops.

ELECTRICAL: We accept Romex and spool wire, switches and cover plates, boxes, fuses, breakers, main house or meter set panels.

FLOORING: We will accept NEW vinyl and tile remnants (anything larger than 4’x6’). We accept carpet on a case-by-case basis.

HARDWARE: We accept hardware for doors, cabinets, etc. as long as it is NEW or LIKE NEW (no rust).

LIGHTING: We accept most any light fixtures, including ceiling fans, as long as they work and aren’t from the Dark Ages!

LUMBER-PLYWOOD-SHEETROCK: We accept new full lengths of lumber (at least 8’ long) and full sheets of plywood, particleboard, and sheetrock. No nails sticking out of the lumber, please.

MECHANICAL: We accept new wall and central heaters, gas and electric water heaters and thermostats.

MIRROR-GLASS: Full mirrors and medicine cabinets are accepted. We do not typically accept pieces of glass.

PAINT-WALLPAPER: Only NEW, UNOPENED paint will be considered, but on a case-by-case basis. No wallpaper is accepted.

PLUMBING COMPONENTS: Acceptable plumbing components include plastic or metal items, Full length piping ½” to 4”, elbows, traps, and fittings.

PLUMBING-TUBS-SINKS-SHOWERS-TOILETS: We will gladly take all of these items as long as they are NEW and in GOOD CONDITION. We only accept low-flow toilets, however.

ROOFING MATERIALS-GUTTERS: We accept full bundles of shingles and full rolls of rolled roofing and tarpaper. We also accept gutter materials in full pieces only. Gutters must be like-new, meaning no dents, rust, etc.

TOOLS: Any and all construction power (including; power washers, paint sprayers power generators, etc.) and hand tools are accepted. New and used tools should be in good working order.

WINDOWS-SCREENS: We accept vinyl, fiberglass or aluminum frames, dual pane only.

Your support will make a difference – contact Matt Wilson at 315-280-8083  or click here to email us.
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