Funding for Rebuilding Together Mohawk Valley projects is made possible by support from our generous sponsors as well as through grant opportunities. We are an entirely volunteer organization comprised of local individuals, and we rely on businesses, organizations and local universities to provide pools of laborers to assist us on our Rebuilding Day and Heroes at Home endeavors.

Because of the nature of our organization and funding opportunities, Rebuilding Together Mohawk Valley typically focuses on two project cycles – spring, with projects generally taking place throughout April, and fall, with projects scheduled throughout September. In order to consider a project, we must have a completed application on file. You may either download an application  below and mail it to us, or fill out our convenient online application form.

The Rebuilding Day program repairs and renovates homes of people who, due to age, financial limitations, or disability, cannot do the work themselves. Hundreds of skilled and unskilled volunteers give their time on the last Saturday in April to create safer, brighter, and warmer environments. Repairs and renovations differ from house to house. The work may include: painting, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, weatherization, clean-up, yard work and other necessary repairs. Applicants must be low-income, elderly or disabled persons who live in the Utica area and both own and live in their home.

Homeowners can apply for assistance and participate alongside volunteers in many ways.
Typically, labor and many supplies are donated. While homeowners do not pay for services, family members are asked to welcome the volunteers and work alongside them if possible. Our work is done with families and neighborhoods, not for them.

If you need assistance, you may either apply online below through our form or click on the following link and print our application form and mail it back to us.

Download Application Form (PDF)

Dear Homeowner:
Rebuilding Together Mohawk Valley is an organization in which volunteers fix up the homes of Mohawk Valley residents who are unable to do the work themselves.
Volunteers may not be able to complete all requested repairs. If your home is chosen for the rehab work, there will never be a charge for our service.

Please fill out the online form below, and check the box at the end to show that you have read and completed the below statements truthfully. A written signed document will be required if you are chosen before work will proceed.


Your FULL Name

Date of Birth



Please leave this field empty.

Names and ages of ALL persons living in the home:

Is the homeowner, or anyone else residing in the home, disabled? If so, indicate special needs (wheelchair or walker, hearing impaired, etc.):

If your home is approved for the program, what work would you like done?


I confirm that any persons residing in my home or visiting on the designated workday who are physically able, will work alongside the volunteers. Please provide names and ages, enter N/A if not applicable:

I OWN and live in, the property at the address given and can produce mortgage payment book, deed, or other documents showing ownership, if requested. I do not owe any outstanding debts on this property. I understand that if I sell my home within three years of the work provided by Rebuilding Together, I will be obligated to reimburse this organization.
Please Type "Yes" or "No"

The combined INCOME (social security interest, rentals, other) for the owner of this home is:
Low income (maximum allowable to qualify) $32,950 (single) $47,050 (family of 4) Very low income (receive priority review) $20,600 (single) $29,400 (family of 4)

**If the form is prepared by someone other than the homeowner, or if assistance is given to the homeowner, please complete the following:
Is the homeowner aware of this application?  Yes No Not Applicable

Name of person preparing or assisting with this application:

REQUIRED: Please check this box to show that you can have read and understand all the requirements to participate in the program and that you have answered all questions truthfully.