(Sponsors: Booz Allen Hamilton and Sears)

In April of 2010, Rebuilding Together Mohawk Valley worked in conjunction with Sears Holdings and Booz Allen Hamilton to completed several renovations to the Utica home of a Desert Storm veteran suffering from hearing loss.

The project was part of Heroes at Home, a program that provides support to military service people, veterans and their families through joint efforts with various nonprofit organizations.

RTMV, along with volunteers from Sears, local businesses, and the community completed a number of repairs at the Samide home, including a new roof, rafters, plywood and shingles, as well as new exterior paint. Additionally, new windows were installed to the downstairs of the house, and outside trim was replaced. Inside the home, ceilings and floors in the living room, entryway, and bathroom were replaced. A new kitchen was installed and bathroom fixtures were repaired and replaced.